Pronghorn Hunts

The Eastern Plains of Colorado is home to thousands of Pronghorn. If you’re zeroed in on Pronghorn OutWest is your key to success. We have access to over 100,000 acres in multiple game management units (GMU) in Eastern Colorado. We offer archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts for Pronghorn.

The archery hunts are primarily blind hunts over water holes. When the rut heats up in mid-September, a spot and stalk decoy hunt may be your cup of tea for an archery goat.
The Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently moved the muzzleloader season from mid Oct. (following the rifle season) to late September just before the rifle season making muzzleloading for Pronghorn a very exciting and rewarding hunt. Spot and stalk or the use of a decoy makes the muzzleloader hunt action packed.

The highest success hunt we offer is rifle Pronghorn. It’s almost all spot and stalk hunting and very popular with the long range shooters as well as first time big game hunters. The Rifle Pronghorn season starts the first Saturday in Oct. and can be combined with an archery deer hunt if desired.

All hunts include meals, lodging and five days of hunting. License fees/landowner vouchers are not included in the hunt price. Archery Pronghorn licenses can be purchased over the counter while rifle and muzzleloader tags need to be applied for through the Colorado draw process. If you were unsuccessful through the draw process.

OutWest can help you locate vouchers to purchase from local landowners. Applications for the Colorado big game draw process need to be in by April 1st so get your spot reserved today!

Contact Patrick Goodpaster at (310) 987-0097 for more information