Mule + Whitetail

The secret is out on the big deer that call the Eastern plains of Colorado home. OutWest Adventures offers Mule Deer and Whitetail deer hunts along the Arkansas River drainage and on the plains of Eastern Colorado. Operating in GMU of 127,132,146,126 and 130, we have access to some of the best privately owned farms and ranches in the state.

If you’re after big whitetails OutWest can accommodate! Whitetails in the 150” range are very common, however; we’ve taken several 170”-180” whitetails over the years. Most of our whitetail hunts take place along the river bottom in strategically placed treestands or ground blinds.

Our Mule Deer hunts take place on the open plains and are mostly spot and stalk hunting. While you should expect to have a shot at a 160”-190” deer, there have been many mule deer taken out of Eastern Colorado that score above 200”.

Colorado offers two plains rifle seasons, the early season starts late October and runs into the 1st week of November. This season is right before the rut kicks off and is popular due to the mild temperatures and unbroken antlers. The late season starts December 1st and goes through Dec. 14th . By this time the whitetail rut is winding down while the mule deer rut is in full swing. If Archery is your preference, the Colorado eastern plains archery season runs October 1st through December 31st and shuts down during the rifle seasons. If you want to hunt Whitetails during the rut, you’ll want to be here in mid-November with your bow. Muzzleloader season is most generally the second week in October and is (in our opinion) a season that is overlooked by many hunters. The deer are very predictable this time of year moving from bedding to feeding areas and although deer movement is most generally limited early morning and late afternoon, our guides can put you in the right place to fill your tag.

The deadline to apply for a deer license is April 1st. Whitetail-only archery tags are generally drawn without preference points and most other licenses require at least one point. The late season either species rifle tag is the hardest to draw requiring as many as 7 points. If you miss application deadline OutWest can help you locate a landowner voucher as well.

OutWest is very serious about deer management on our properties therefore we limit the number of deer taken off each property. Hunts are booked on first come first serve basis so contact us early to book your hunt today!

Contact Patrick Goodpaster at (310) 987-0097 for more information